Where the horse is the priority

Welcome to ProHorse Training

Our mission is to give owners and riders an understanding of how the horses mind works to become a fair and loyal partner to the horse. 
By using the horses natural instincts we create a relationship with trust and understanding to make the horses life much easier.

“We don’t break horses; we nurture their spirits.”

What We Offer

We offer a means of training with a positive state of mind at all times, no force but a firm and consistent demeanor.


Starting Young Horses

The most important part of their career of being a riding horse.
Start it right and make your horses life easier.


Come to Rocky Six S Ranch Stables or request a lesson at your current facility where we can work together with you and your horse to overcome obstacles or learn something new.


A free horse is a happy horse.
Come and learn how to do Liberty with your horse and build this special relationship.

What is it with the moose?

My little moose, Emma, has been with me since May 2019. She became a big part of my life and affected ProHorse and my work with horses. I learned a lot from her and am very grateful for this experience.

Contact us

Phone me at (587)436-5572, fill out the form or send an email to for any requests or questions.


We are using natural behaviors of Horses to our advantage. They will understand, trust and give 100 % for you everyday.


Phone#: (587) 436-5572



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